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Improvement of intercultural and project management skills, European development of the school....
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project background : Iceland has recently been through an economical crisis which had impact on the whole society including the school system. We found it important to offer to our students the best learning environment to help them develop principles of respect, responsibility and community while developing their personal interest. Some European countries have been through crisis and managed to rebuilt a rich and supportive school system and the Reggio Emilia approach is a model for us. By opening our preschool to the European community and inter-cultural skills we are developing multidisciplinary competences which are an essential part of a European open school. To do so our teachers‘ inter-cultural and project management skills have to be significantly improved. The skills should be learned in inter-cultural training courses and project management training courses. It is important for us that our teachers attend the courses together with teachers from other countries, so that the cross-cultural learning can not only take place during the training course period, but also during the whole seminar time. At the same time our teachers have the opportunity to intensively meet potential project partners and plan with them school exchanges, e- twinning or job shadowing. Project goals: Improvement of inter-cultural skills and project management skills of teachers in order to built contact with European preschools, future job shadowing and learning of other methods. Number and profile of participants; The 2 participating teachers are - willing to attend training courses abroad. - with sufficient language skills. - willing to spread the European idea to colleagues and students. - willing to integrate the European idea in teaching. Description of measures: Participation in inter-cultural project management training courses ( and in the future job shadowing and strategic school partnerships. Methodology for project implementation: We shall develop our competences in project management for cross-cultural exchange in Europe during this course in Portugal. Therefore we will be able to develop European cooperation projects. Description of the expected results, effects and potential long-term benefits: The seminar experience will hopefully give us the tools we need to motivate other teachers to participate in inter-cultural learning and inter-cultural cooperation and to work on European projects through e-twinning. The training will enable our school to work toward a different approach of teaching and expend our skills on European cooperation. We will be then able to inform and support others teachers and preschools in our area on European cooperation.