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Improvement of Active Tourism in Border Region (ActiveTour LV-LT)
Date du début: 28 févr. 2009, Date de fin: 29 juin 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Palanga Town Municipality together with project partners from Klaipeda District Municipality, Nica and Rucava municipalities is responsible for implementation of the project aimed at improving accessibility of active tourism routes along Lithuanian-Latvian border. Project promotes bicycle tourism, contributes to sustainable socio-economic development and increases attractiveness of the region as a living place. At the moment, Palanga Town Municipality welcomes all active holidaymakers and outdoors lovers who would like to try the new reconstructed bicycle route Palanga - Sventoji, the total of more than 12 kilometres of paths that wind through the pine forest along the sea. Klaipeda District Municipality also has the newly reconstructed Gargzdai Tourist Information Centre for accommodating tourists and providing tourist information. Meanwhile, project partners from Latvia, Nica and Rucava Municipalities, invite you to extend bicycle trip and visit the new short-term resting places for cyclists in Rucava and reconstructed Tourism Information Centre in Nica. Feasibility study of cycling trails helps to understand how to develop bicycle tourism in the Baltic coastal region. It contains recommendations on planned priority joint bicycle route “Gargzdai-Klaipeda-Palanga-Sventoji-Pape-Liepoja-J?rmalciems“ with total length of more than 130 kilometres and studies alternative routes that can be developed by partners. Furthermore, an e-guide for cyclists has been developed (address: to provide information on the potential joint bicycle routes, at the same time making them known to the public. Finally, booklets, maps and information boards about the project and joint bicycle route will be disseminated in upcoming tourism fairs. Achievements: • Reconstruction works of 12 km bicycle route Palanga-Šventoji are done.• More than 4 km of bicycle route has been reconstructed.• EUROVELO requirement are met and width of routs are 3,25 meters.• Administration of the Klaipeda district Municipality, Nica and Rucava Municipality Councils have prepared 2 long-term resting places – tourism information centres adopted to the bicycle tourists needs (in Gargzdai town and Nica) and 4 short-term resting places (Nica and Rucava).• Workshop “Development Opportunities of Bicycle Tourism Infrastructure in Lithuania – Latvia Border”, designed for architects and territory planners.• Project logo and slogan have been created – “By bicycle along the sea!”. Booklets "Pape Natural Park and Rucava" have been prepared.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Latvia-Lithuania (LV-LT)
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