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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Tehnička škola Virovitica", "Strukovna škola Virovitica" and "Industrijsko-obrnička škola Virovitica", on the initiative and active participation of "Učenički dom Virovitica", with their co-operation in this consortium want to empower knowledge of their students in the education of their vocational fields. The final result will be making of young people that are educated, aware of their possibilities, ready for the challenges on their working places and in their lives, what will have great impact over the years on the general situation in our town and region. This consortium includes Učenički dom and three vocational schools. After the evidence of how many students from Učenički dom (the student dormitory) attend the mentioned vocational schools we decided that every school form the consortium will participate in this mobility programme with the number of vocations that include the biggest number of students from dormitory, respecting at the same time the needs of schools for this mobility programme. The consortium members agreed on sending the following vocations: Tehnička škola Virovitica - electro technicians, 8 students medical nurse/technician of general care, 8 students Industrijsko-obrtnička škola Virovitica - hairdresser, 8 students Strukovna škoa Virovitica - hotel-tourist technician, 8 students The total number of students we plan to send on the work placements in England, Torquay in February and March 2016 is 32, 16 of them being placed in Učenički dom (dormitory). The students will be accompanied by 3 teachers from every school from the consortium and by 1 educator from Učenički dom. The general goal of this mobility project is empowering professional competencies of students in their vocational field of education through applying and acquiring practical knowledge of their vocational field and work placement with the goal of gaining new experience in English firms that follow EU standards. Specific goals we are trying to achieve are the practical work of students on the suitable work placements in the firms whose area of work include specific knowledge from the vocational education of these students. The goal is that these students gain new and perfect existing professional knowledge of their vocation acquired through the obligatory vocational education in their school; to develop entrepreneurship and motivation for further education; to learn the specific areas of the firm that employs professionals of the students' vocational field. Another goal is to develop language competences of their vocation that is specific for their educational field and to overgrow intercultural differences and develop the feeling of belonging to European citizenship; better socialization of students from dormitory and developing positive relationships with students form their schools. One more goal is to make partnership and co-operation of vocational schools and Učenički dom in creating guidelines for more successful education of students and meeting the needs of students in the context of professional knowledge and personal growth od students. Expected outcomes are that students will improve their professional knowledge and skills and become motivated for further professional training, either during or after school attendance, through other ways of professional training, and that this training will motivate them for entrepreneurship with the result of better chances for employment or self-employment. The expected result is that students will accept multi-cultural differences and develop self-confidence in their professional field of work and personal growth. All members of project teams in this consortium consisting of Učenički dom (dormitory) and three vocational schools will develop close co-operation with the aim of more experienced members to pass their knowledge onto less experienced team members in preparation of bids and implementation of project activities, so that this knowledge can later become a part of the activities of each member. All consortium’s members will in this way empower human resources for further work on creating guidelines for their organisations to ensure that their development plan follow the demands of the vocational education and to ensure the educational work with students is a part of EU strategy of education.



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