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Implicarea tinerilor în politicile publice de tineret
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project consists of six regional meetings for consultation, which will include youth and youth actors, through which we analyze the reality of local / regional on implementing the action plan, followed by a national meeting, which will present the project results . To have a broader consultation mechanism we have created an online consultation component to reach young people in many parts of the country. The project activities, participants will interact with policy makers, experts, stakeholders in the youth sector at various levels to formulate and send proposals to improve the action plan for implementing the National Strategy for Youth 2015-2020.The partnership is composed of the main actors of civil society in the field of youth, namely the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania, Romania Youth Council, National Council of Students and the Foundation County Youth Timis - FITT (youth center with accreditation from the Council Europe). At the same time, we benefit from the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.The overall objective is to involve youth in the development of structured dialogue between them and the youth makers to formulate and support a coherent set of proposals to improve the Action Plan for the National Strategy for Youth.Specific objectives:1. Analyse, amending and supplementing, from the perspective of young people in Romania, to plan measures to implement the National Youth Strategy 2015-2020 in support of meeting social needs, their educational and economic ..2. Increasing the capacity of 270 young people to analyze, structure and formulate public policies for youth.3. Increase the capacity of 470 young people to communicate and interact with authorities and decision makers in the field of youth.Project activities have been built through participation of all partners, based on their experience. We will use various methods of non-formal and informal learning that fosters active participation of young people and policy makers, initiative and creativity of the participants - public events, workshops, role play, ice breakers, all adapted to the profile of participants.The results of the meeting will consist in sending a message to public authorities and policy makers about the needs of young people in Romania, finding constructive solutions to solve them, disseminate examples of good practice at national and European level. The results of the meeting and the resulting solutions to youth problems will be forwarded through official channels and the responsible institutions. The activity will bring together young people and decision makers, to give them the opportunity to constructively discuss and propose courses of action for youth policy to be launched in the next period of time.



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