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Implementing smart ICT concepts for energy efficiency in public buildings (Smart Build)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2012, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A smart ICT concept will be implemented in existing public buildings in Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Greece in order to reach energy savings in annual and peak consumption up to 35% and to provide social-economic benefits to building users, to building managers, to public authorities and to distributor network operators. The ICT concept proposed with this action will be based on the off-the-shelf "Far Echo" ICT system, developed by the partner FAR Systems for the targeted countries Italy, Slovenia and Greece.The "Far Echo" ICT system has already been installed and successfully tested for more than one year in Italy. The "Far Echo" ICT system will be implemented in each pilot building according to the building characteristics and National standards. In order to do this, a preliminary analysis of every individual pilot case has been already made during the proposal preparation phase in order to have a realistic view of the proposed solutions. A further and more accurate energetic analysis will be carried out at the beginning of the project and a strategy will be developed to achieve the foreseen reduction in the energy consumption. The analysis is based on a classification for each pilot of the main loads and energy supply systems, considering their efficiency, timely profile, and the capacity of the current control (if available) to be improved by the installation of the proposed concept based on the "Far Echo" ICT system. The analysis will refer to energy as well as to the behavior of the people. The analysis will be carried out by the ICT provider FAR Systems with the support of the local energy and ICT experts from the target countries of the proposed action: WIP for Germany, EURAC for Italy, SCV for Slovenia and CRES for Greece.



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