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Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ImpAct is a project on local and socio-cultural development, which will stimulate organizations’ dynamism in the field of youth and environment, and will develop the European perspective on the region PACA territory. We wish to promote youth people’s involvement in favor of an active citizenship, a sustainable and European citizenship.- Alessia will be hosted in PSM (Marseille) for a one-year mission about international and learning mobility. She will participate in the daily tasks of our organisations, contribute to the projects, develop communication and exchanges with partners of the organization and to raise awareness on mobility for youth on the region.- An Italian volunteer will be hosted in CRIJPA (Marseille) for a 11 months mission about youth information and non-formal education. She/he will be in direct contact with the public and contribute to information sessions on European and international mobility. She/he will participate in events organized by CRIJPA and its partners (such as “Europe day”, “Studies Forum” or workshops).- Sibilla and Simona will be hosted in Epicurium (Avignon), for an 11 months mission about sustainable development and biodiversity. They will participate in the daily life of Epicurium, will help the team to welcome visitors and to organize events. They will also participate in leading activities with kids, organizing festivals, gardening and harvesting fruits and vegetables.- Beyza will be hosted in Levez Le Soleil (Flayosc) for a one-year mission about biodiversity, valorisation of traditional rural know-how through sustainable and alternative practices. She will contribute to the daily life of the School-Farm, the preparation of workshops for kids and the welcoming of woofers.- 2 French volunteers will be hosted in KANE (Kalamata) for a one-year mission. One will contribute in the daily activities of the Youth Center, promote international mobility and organize workshops for youngsters. The other will focus on the development of a network of volunteers online and the creation of communication supports to promote mobility.- 3 French volunteers will be hosted in KANE (Kalamata) for a six weeks mission about the organisation of Kalamata Street Art Festival, they will contribute in the logistics aspects and in the promotion of the Festival. Those volunteers will be tutored before the departure with our local partner "la mission locale".This project will be led following a methodology acquired by experience, as Pistes Solidaires has been working on learning mobility for years. This methodology is based on: a good knowledge of administrative tools of the Erasmus + program, a good communication and “transparency policy” with our partners, an in-depth tutoring with the volunteers.A mobility experience for young people not in education, employment or training will lead to their empowerment and the development of transversal skills. This personal and professional development will allow a better integration once back in their own countries, but will also have a considerable impact during the volunteer period. Indeed, they will raise the awareness of local youngsters about the issue of environment and of social challenges of youth. They will enable youngsters of the region to live an intercultural experience and learn about opportunities for international mobility. In a nutshell, the European volunteers will become “multipliers” in order to share the values that they believe in and knowledge that they carry.To sum up, this project wishes to answer to society and environmental issues on the scale of the PACA region, but also in Europe and the whole world. Hosting European volunteers in organizations partners of this project represents a solution to some needs in local and socio-cultural development. Thus, while being involved in active organizations, the young volunteers will get to know to keys for a sustainable and responsible behavior towards the planet, and towards others. Then, they will the able to promote this behavior towards their peers, in order to create a civil and responsible Europe.



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