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IMERSE 1 (Inspectors and headmasters' Mobility to Enhance Reflection about our System of Education)
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IMERSE 1 (Inspectors and headmasters’ Mobility to Enhance Reflection about our System of Education) is the first stage of a cycle of projects unified by a pluriannual objective: to train French education managers by job shadowing in Europe. Indeed, IMERSE's basic assumption is that European openness must concern every actors of the French Education system, including education managers who do have a key-role for teachers' knowledge, competencies and aptitudes development. Furthermore, IMERSE aims at building indirectly a new pool of high-level mobility developpers who contribute naturally, thanks to their position, to the evolution of the education system. For 2015-2016, IMERSE 1 is dedicated to the topic "assessment of progress and achievements of pupils from 6 to 16 years old" in a context of curricula reform in France (September 2016). The 40 participants will come from various backgrounds: inspectors, headmasters, administrative managers and get split into 5 inter-categorial delegations. IMERSE 1 is a one year project divided into three phases: (1) mobility of learners, (2) activities of mobility and (3) disssemination. Mobilities will take place in February 2016 and last 3 days on site. Organised as seminars, these mobilities will include (i) presentations by local specialists, (ii) education institutions visits and (iii) exchanges with local education managers in order to identify good practices with a high propensity for transfer in Aquitaine. The beneficiaries will mainly go to European partners of the rectorat of Bordeaux: Hesse in Germany, Aragon and Navarre in Spain, Toscane for Italy and Wales for the U.K. Each delegation will write a strategic report which will be sent to the rector, and, for information to the general inspection. Also, conclusions will be notified to the foreign partners who might be invited for a seminar in Aquitaine. Thus, this momentum in favor of European good practices identification and transfer will be sustained and developped thanks to IMERSE +n which should enable to broaden the base of beneficiaries and maximise the impact. The regional Committe for mobility, funded in january 2015, will promote long-term teachers training provided by former IMERSE participants.