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Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school is a rural school with children of Romanian, Hungarian and Romany nationality and a total of 32 qualified teachers. Even though our students come from families of workers, unemployed and retirees, and their access to media and culture is low, our school aims to create a learning environment and the development of each student, to ensure a chance at education for everyone, without taking into account their nationality. Through this project we intended to improve the professional and institutional management through technical and managerial skills of teachers. We also wanted to reduce absenteeism and remove dropout, to improve students’ participation in school activities by using new technologies and student-centered, interactive methods. One of our goals was to educate students for European citizenship and to form linguistic and technical skills through partnership activities with schools of the European Union. Direct participants in the training courses were 7 teachers of different specialties and indirect all teachers in the school. The vast majority of teachers in our institution had the desire to improve and modernize their teaching, but some of them lacked the initiative and had an attitude of inertia in terms of their own development. The project carried out several activities: development of methodology for the selection of participants, selection of teachers participating in training activities, signing contracts and commitments with the course providers and participants, intercultural and language training of teachers, participation in training courses as "Current Issues in Education - Early School Leaving," " English for educators and administrative staff - Intermediate ", " EDIPED -Training Course " , "Using E -Learning in the classroom " and " Innovative approaches to teaching ", publishing articles and brochures that were presented in some training and dissemination activities. The Erasmus+ Commission in the school was the one to monitor and coordinate the project throughout its duration, starting with the preparation, implementation and follow -up activities. The project improved teachers’ knowledge about school dropout, by making available more theoretical resources and the best practices to eliminate it. It improved the foreign languages teaching and learning, it promoted the linguistic diversity of the EU and increased intercultural awareness. Teachers were able to conduct electronic portfolios as assessment tools, self-assessment and career promotion, they improved their teaching skills through projects as well as interdisciplinary activities focused on student and integrated into real world issues and practices. Our project had an impact on everyone involved in the teaching process: the teachers in the school, the students, the educational establishment and the local community. The teachers improved their management skills and teaching language and ICT skills. The school curriculum was improved by the introduction of new areas of interest (to eliminate dropout and to reduce absenteeism). The students were more motivated to learn as a result of modern methods, student-centered, used by their teachers and they will use the Moodle platform and will access with more pleasure and interest the cyberspace for self-instruction. Our project generated a number of long term positive effects: it focused on better collaboration between teachers and providers of professional training abroad, which enhanced the internationalization process; there were an increasing awareness of improvement benefits in an era of technological change and rapid global integration. Teachers understood the need to permanently “upgrade” the information. Our school developed a long-term educational strategy based on the training needs of teachers, which increased the quality of teaching. Secondary School no. 1 Remetea has obtained the title of "European School" and the material was improved by the acquisition of modern equipment (laptops, projectors for each classroom), some new furniture for classrooms. This project was a success and we believe that we can provide the quality education needed by our students.



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