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Date du début: 1 févr. 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In line with the FP 7 call for proposals the objective of IMAILE is to use the PCP process to identify new technologies and services which address the challenge of providing the next generation of Personal Learning Environments (PLE) for primary and secondary school.This common challenge is identified by the consortium in order to meet an increased demand of personalized learning in the 21st century European classroom.The next generation PLE should address students within the topics of Science, Math and Technology (STEM) and support different learning styles in an individualized way. Furthermore the PLE should be accessible from any device and therefore adjustable to the method bring your own device (BYOD).The main tasks of the project is to prepare and create a mutual understanding of the PCP method for the public procurers, execute a joint PCP European call and enable the research/development of PLE solutions from different suppliers evaluated through a common set of joint criteria.The PCP process and the PLE technology as a whole will be evaluated during the project in an open dialogue between public procurers and industry.The learning process contributes to set European standards within learning technologies as well as present an innovative PCP strategy for increased quality and efficiency of public procurement.The IMAILE project is offering a direct solution to both demand- and supplier side within learning technologies. The solution is developed and evaluated according to the customized needs from the demand side. While the suppliers gain a solution adoptable directly on the European market.This action will in a long term perspective contribute to a broaden and innovative use of learning technologies in primary/ secondary education as a result of effective public – private partnerships for sustainable digital learning solutions in Europe.



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