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IMAGINE: Inspire Multicultural Activities to Generate Interrelations between New and Elder generations
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IMAGINE (Inspire Multicultural Activities to Generate Interrelations between New and Elder generations) is an EVS project coordinated by InCo with the participation of 6 volunteers from 6 different countries (Spain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Georgia and Ukraine). As we write, 3 volunteers have been identified while the other 3 will be selected afterwards. Since identified volunteers showed a great interested in intercultural activities, in the future identification it will be desirable for participants to have a similar interest. Moreover, it will be important for participants to have an open attitude towards creating relationships with people of a different age and coming from a different country. IMAGINE is a tribute to John Lennon. Indeed, volunteers will be involved in the activities of 3 Receiving Organizations located in Trentino to foster a world at peace without walls linked to cultural, national or social differences as well as favour intergenerational dialogue. Receiving Organizations are active in different fields: CIVICA manages nursing homes, CTS is committed to intervene in favor of people with mental illness, addiction or debilitating diseases, InCo promotes international mobility and active citizenship among young people. Each Receiving organization is sensitive to the issues of interculturality and social exclusion and see the present project as an opportunity for both their users and volunteers to become active actors in fostering social cohesion. Volunteers will both support regular activities of the Receiviving Organizations suggesting own ideas and be involved in the parallel initiative “Dreamers of the World", title suggested by the identified volunteers. By sharing collected stories of migration, of travel and international volunteer work, volunteers will encourage the users and the staff of the Receiving organizations as well as the local community to make an imaginary journey in the world discovering different cultures and way of being. This confrontation will also facilitate the future integration of the young people who want to take part in an international mobility project or want to emigrate to find fortune elsewhere. Thus, peer-to-peer contact will be stimulated, boosting not only socialization, the learning outcomes but also volunteers' spirit of initiative. IMAGINE is expected to have positive impacts on all the actors involved. It represents both a life and a learning opportunity for volunteers who are expected to develop competences and attitudes significant for their personal growth and future job placements and who will be supported in their learning path by all partners who have already agreed on methods and roles. Receiving Organizations could benefit from enriching inputs and new activities and all the other partners can have a greater impact thanks to the synergies they can create with the other organizations of the project. Finally, the users of the Receiving Organizations will have the chance to weave interrelations with persons from other cultures, tell their stories of life and get to know those of other people.



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