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Imagination and recycling make you an artist
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Taking a closer look at the world we live in, the communities we are part of, the people with which we share our daily routine, we see an urge for change. We look for a way to make the environment around us a more suitable place. We need to learn how to take care of us and our community, how to make it more clean, how to recycle on a daily basis until it becomes part of our human nature. We have to learn from one another, to teach those less fortunate, to come together to make our homes a better place. We, Evolution Association, together with our partners from 5 countries, have decided to come together and try to take a step forward into our development, using this project as a tool towards accomplishing that goal. Our project "Imagination and recycling make you an artist" brings together 36 youngsters, that have encountered social or economical obstacles, that are part of disadvantaged groups in their communities or suffer from a disability and 12 group leaders from 6 countries, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy and Romania for 9 working days to share experience and learn from one another about the importance of daily recycling and the use of recycled materials in different youth activities, with the use of non-formal education methods. Our project objectives are: (a) Create friendly, inspirational, creative space for sharing and learning for 48 participants and leaders from 6 countries (day 1 - getting to know each other, expectations, rules and team building activities). (b) Offering key information about the process of recycling and ways to develop ecological ways of thinking to 48 participants and leaders (day 2 - introduction to topic, how to recycle?, European policies on Environment protection). (c) Learning and reflecting about the process of perceiving information and how to use it with the 36 participants and 12 leaders of the exchange (day 3 - simulation game, recycling in Oravita). (d) Developing entrepreneurial abilities, creativity and sense of initiative for 48 participants and leaders from 6 countries (day 4 - creative work-shop and showcase of their each individual project). (e) Getting in contact with local young people and promoting the activities and outcomes (day 5 - visit to Resita). (f) Offering the participants the chance to use the gained knowledge in creative work-shops and creating outcomes that raise awareness on the topics of ecology and recycling (days 6-7 - creating outcomes, day 8 - presenting outcomes to community to a public showcase). (g) Promoting cultural awareness for the 48 participants of the exchange (day 1-8 - individual workshops and inter-cultural evenings organized by each national group). Our project promotes social inclusion, solidarity, active participations in local communities, through which we aim to develop competences when it comes to communication, teamwork, inter-cultural awareness, learning new methodologies and work techniques with recycled materials. The exchange will focus on activities that will develop the creativity of participants, activities with important information about European policies, information about ways of recycling and work-shops with different recycled materials. Through this project we will raise awareness on the topic of recycling and working with recycled materials in creative ways, we will promote active participation amongst the 48 participants in the project, the participants will also gain the opportunity and the responsibility of sharing the outcomes of this project with young people in their local communities, promoting the outcomes through social medial and other Online tools and getting other young people more involved in their communities.



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