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Date du début: 5 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 4 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project takes place within the New European Mobility Frame ERASMUS+. Our organization has a recognised experience in student´s mobility.This project called EUROPE PERSONAL IMAGE is more ambitious than the previous ones as it pretends to give a greater European dimension by incorporating a new partner in Malta together with the habitual partners in the region of Midi Pyrenees and Paris.For this reason we expand our project spreading out the stay of our students in English speaking enterprises concerning the mobility of the Personal Image sector, Intermediate Level Vocational Training students.The stay of 4 weeks in established enterprises that take part in our own mobility project of students is therefore expanded to enterprises in Malta, giving a response to the demand of the participating students and to the advice given by the Commission of the Projects´ Selection. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPATING STUDENTSIn the first activity we ask for a 4 week stay for 12 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL students because we believe it is an enriching experience to know the professional and cultural surroundings of a cosmopolitan city in France (Paris and Narbona) and also in Malta (Valletta), combining it with the internship in enterprises in Gipuzkoa.DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITYThe activities of the first action will be carried out by the students in some selected Beauty and Hair Salons in Paris, Narbona and Valletta.It consists in having the participant students working in an enterprise of the sector carrying out out the job demanded by clients. This is a consolidated program and we have a previously designed plan in order to follow up the students´ internship agreed by both parts.METHODOLOGY OF THE ACTIVITYThe methodology consists in developing a teaching/learning method with which the students will do their internships in enterprises, always supervised by the enterprise instructor. These results will be used to certificate the amount of hours the students have worked abroad.These activities will be adapted to the competences acquired by the students in the development of the training that each of them has done (Intermediate level Beauty or Hairdressing cycles).The following up will be established in the deadlines marked by the project and the participating organizations will be contacted through the established channels of communication.DESCRIPTION OF THE RESULTSThe results of the development of the activities are taken in a digitilised notebook so that both the instructor and the tutor of FCT in our organization can supervise them.EXPECTED IMPACTThe expected impact of the activitiy is to improve the quality of teaching of our organization, and to be receptive to the continuous changes that take place in our field always following the guidelines of the Vice-Counselor for Educational Traning of the Basque Government. The receiving partners, which are recognised entities for their work in the Personal Image sector, add professional value to our organization. LONG TERM BENEFITSThe short term benefits will be for the participants but the medium and long term benefits will be for the entire organization and its groups of interest.As far as our organization is concerned, all students, parents, business partners and participating associations will benefit. Summing up all the parties involved will benefit from it because strengthening the vocational training in state schools means to improve the quality of society as a whole. If we strengthen our relationship collaborating on the bidirectional exchange of students, linking our collaborative companies and exchanging innovative techniques, we will have strengthened the European dimension of the participating organizations and the Personal Image sector.



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