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Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Тhe international youth cultural exchange “ILLUMINATION: ARTiculating LIGHT – ARTiculating EUROPE” was realized between 04th – 18th September 2015 gathering together 38 interested in arts participants (14 of them with lower opportunities) from 6 countries: Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Poland. It was focused on two determined by each other topics: The significance of the LIGHT and based on it optical and light technologies” and “The European vision for development and the role of the Youth in this process”. The emphasis was placed on the personal and social development of the young people - acquisition and cultivation of the key-competences and development of 21st century’s skills through Art and open-air activities. The aim was to make the youngsters more self-confident, pro-active and more prepared to deal with their personal social-economic challenges. The youngsters spent together 15 days filled with intercourse, creativity and open-air physical activities mainly in a base located on the beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea south shore (Ahtopol). We visited also the most ancient sea town of Bulgaria – Sozopol. The first and the last 2 days were spent in Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria. The main activities were related to different types of theatre. The art was used as a tool for personal development, manifestation and influence on the society. The participants were studying, mastering new skills and developing as persons, citizens and artists in nonformal way – trough the brainstorm sessions, discussions, art activities and creative games. The youngsters were divided in 2 main workshops: “Fire theatre” and “Performing with light: shadow and black theatre, sand animation, LED tools manipulation”. There was set up also a youth working group, engaged with the creative documenting of the work process: photo & video. The workshops were conducted by international teams of experts in the particular field. The participants were working in small groups. Their creativity, originality, fantasy, values and personal convictions, qualities, skills and knowledge were constantly challenged. The youngsters became more familiar with the basics of the arts they had chosen and gained an opportunity to try and master theatrical techniques they didn’t knew before. Parallel with that they were often pushed to get out of their comfort zones and to overjump themselves, challenging what they knew by school. What they had learnt in the workshops the participants embodied in created by them theatrical miniatures that were presented in the end of the exchange. Parallel with the workshops there were realized various activities aiming mutual acquaintance and integration of the participants: intercultural night, presentation of each national group on topic “Light”; mutual free time activities – sport, dances, walks; amusing competitive games tournament (during the entire exchange); performances of particular participants/groups – contemporary dance performance night (Polish group), fire show (Macedonian group), magic show (one of the Macedonians); excursion etc. The results of the project were presented through a 90 min. long spectacle dedicated to Light. It consisted of 6 fire theatre miniatures, a mini shadow theatre performance and a miniature, using mix of theatrical techniques based on Light. All of them were original and very original, created by the youngsters in a week only intensive creative work. The spectacle was presented with a huge success open-air on the central square of Tsarevo. Over 400 people – local community and guests – were watching. The EU programme E+ and EVS were also promoted thoroughly in front of the present audience. The project contributed to the cultural rapprochement between the participants and provoked them to be more actively involved in the social life. The participants enlarged widely their cultural horizons and established friendships and partnerships. They returned home enriched with new knowledge, skills and competences; more prepared for the challenges of life and the labor market. The project was useful also for the partner organisations that found new partners and created the foundations of fruitful future collaboration. There were a lot of benefits and for the local community in Tsarevo, because in places like this such projects are not often practice. The youngsters from the region were informed about the E+ program and the opportunities that it proposes. They met and communicated with their coevals from other countries; placed their questions and received answers. A local participant from Sozopol was included in the Bulgarian group. In general the project was expression of the European values. It promoted the intercultural and interpersonal tolerance, solidarity and friendship, curiosity, will to progress and the healthy lifestyle



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