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IKT und Technologie in der Ausbildung und Praxis
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A: The school makes every effort to ensure that students gain marketable skills that will provide them in the future high-quality work positioning , above-average income . To reach this, learning and experience is a must and above all, they need to be ambitious and motivated. With this project we wish to provide an opportunity for the students who already have the motivation for improvement, the will to learn and the only thing missing is the change they could grab. Our goal is to enable the students to improve their already acquired knowledge about the profession, to test their knowledge in an unknown surrounding, so the skills and experience they acquire in the host country they will be able to utilize at home. In this project we would like to sent 10-10 students for a professional practice in Italy for a 2-2 weeks long period. The project funds a total of 10 to 10 student internship in Italy planned to be 2-2 weeks . From the whole group 10 students strive to become metal technicians 10 students are studying in the automotive technology field. The receiving partner of the first group, which plans to travel to Italy 12th - 25th October 2014 is Sillem SpA in Milan ( ), of the second group, which travels also to Italy 12th - 25th April 2015 is EVOLVO Srl in Milan ( ). Thanks to this practice not only the professional, but also the personal and social competencies evolve. They can get to know such an international work culture at a European level, from which they will be able to exploit the positive results also at home after returning. In case the practice is successful, in the future we would like to apply for projects which would involve more groups and multiple destination countriess. The school's longterm goal is to lift the level of education to European standards; our school welcomes foreign vocational school students too. Let's learn from each other ! B: The Director Norbert Aichholzer visits with two other selected colleagues from the Vocational School Wolfsberg the conference "Welcome to The Future of Education", ecomedia 2014 - Hamar, Norway. New connections are created. We aim for better educational standard. Based on the Metallkongeress 2013, shall mostly with GlobalLab, Autodesk and other already known academic partners in Europe further connections be strenghtened.



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