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Οικοδομούμε το Κοινό μας Μέλλον μέσα από τον Διαρθρωμένο Διάλογο
Date du début: 30 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 29 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main purpose of this project is to promote the opinion of Youth from Greek Cypriot (G/C) and Turkish Cypriot (T/C) community in Cyprus through Structured Dialogue between them and Policy Makers. The purpose of this project is to strengthen young people through dialogue to acquire the ability to take decisions affecting their lives regarding rapprochement and cooperation between the two communities. The main objectives of the dialogue is to create the conditions of sustain democracy, to combat racism and cultural differences and to develop common targets towards their future. The structured Dialogue between young G/C and T/C and between policy makers will focus on issues relevant to four thematic categories a) G/C and T/C Living Together (Cohabitation) b) Employment and Entrepreneurship c) Social Inclusion d) Creativity and Culture. The interaction between Youth and policy makers will develop learning outcomes improving their knowledge, skills and abilities on the discussed issues. The project includes the following activities with specific methodology and pre-defined responsibilities for each participant for effective implementation: 1. Online opinion poll among G/C and T/C youth, in order to identify specific issues and matters to be discussed in the Structured Dialogue, 2. Four Thematic Workshops in local level with the involvement of G / C and T / C young people, coordinated by experts. The purpose of the thematic workshops is to discuss and analyse Youth thoughts and opinions on the four thematic, 3. Pancyprian Bi-communal Conference with the purpose to reach out a Common Declaration regarding G/C and T/C demands and recommendations. The main outcomes of the Common Declaration will be discussed with policy makers, 4. Youth meetings with Officials and Policy Makers to exchange views and opinions on the Common Declaration, 5. Final Dissemination Conference aiming to engage stakeholders, NGOs, Social Partners, Youth organisations and other interested parts to the project’s results, 6. Dissemination Activities, 7. Evaluation of the Project The coordinator of this Project is Historical Labour Museum of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour and the participating organisations contributing to the implementation are: a. The Youth Labour Office and the Office of International Relations of PEO to ensure the involvement of G / C and T / C, b. The Cyprus Labour Institute (INEK-PEO) will conduct the opinion poll as external research center, c. G / C and T / C young people who will take part in all project activities, d. Experts from both communities coordinating the thematic workshops, e. Officials and Policy makers responsible for youth policy will be involved in Structured Dialogue. The project aims to ensure the participation of 430 individuals from Youth organisations, Trade unions, Youth NGOs, Youth Associations, research and academic community, social Partners, Community Councils, Volunteers Bodies and other relevant organisations. The project envisages sending out a common massage of rapprochement, peace, friendship, mutual respect both at local and national level as well in European standing. The voice of Youth in both communities needs to be empowered through teamwork, communication and cooperation so as to have a strong say to political and democratic life.