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IEFS - Erasmus+ 2014
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The IEFS is applying for this project “IEFS – Erasmus + 2014” since mobility comprehends a set of skills which will be acquired in terms of training, culture and personal development. For the IEFS, this project will allow the validation of several syllabuses, in a joined work with partner companies from other European countries. It allows the reinforcement of contacts with Portuguese and European companies, so that we can adjust our positioning as an education and training entity as well. It is our wish to provide our students with transnational mobility experiences, which will contribute for a quality technical and interpersonal training. We will therefore be replying to the challenge of the European governments, increasing the employment possibilities in the European space and contributing for the construction of a more unified, tolerant and competitive Europe. The main objectives are to allow the students on-the-job learning in a different country and reality, the contact with a foreign language and his/her personal and professional enrichment, maximizing their employability in the European space. Therefore, we have defined a model of international curricular traineeship which will allow them to develop their professional, language, interpersonal and intercultural skills, as well as the broadening of their own frontiers as European citizens. It is intended that these traineeships are divided throughout a period of two years. Ten students will come from the Catering area (cooks and waiters) and six students will come from the Electronics, Automation and Command area. The Catering students will develop their traineeships in Denmark, while the Electronics students will be in Spain. We predict the traineeships will take place in the months of April and May 2015 and 2016. We also predict that the mobility period will last six months. To tutor the students in the host entities, we designated four people, two for each host country. They will leave with the students at the beginning of the traineeships and they will stay in the partner country for 5 days. The outcomes of the project will be transmitted to the whole educational community and institutional partners of our region through the media, the organization of seminars and workshops on the theme. We consider that this project is based on fundamental questions, such as the policy for young people, the prevention of school drop-out and the acquisition of skills and knowledge which are fundamental for the development of today’s youngsters, in a common Europe.



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