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Identity: mine, yours, ours!
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Identity: mine, yours, ours project" is a youth exchange suggested by the young members of ADPCNS with the main goal to develop a wider knowledge about other cultures, identities traditions and European citizenship. The project involved 21 youngsters with 15-18 years old from Portugal, Italy and Romania, followed, each group, by a group leader older than 18 years old. The project aims were the discussion of national identity, its culture and traditions, but also the others partners identities, culture and traditions in order to promote a bigger knowledge about the common culture that we all should have because we live in Europe, fighting cultural stereotypes. We wanted to develop in young people their awareness about other European realities and wider knowledge about European citizenship. All project was based in non formal educational methodologies throught games and group dynamics, presentation activities of all countries involved, debates, cultural visits, group work and dicussions. With this project young people developed their proud for their culture and curiosity about others participants' culture, increased their knowledge about European reality and European citizenship, improved their skills to communicate in English and in other languages. We want them to continuing to participate in future European learning activities and the organizations to continue their partnership work in future projects.



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