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Idea Factory
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project “Idea Factory” is designed and implemented in Druskininkai, Lithuania in November 12-19, 2015 in cooperation of four partners from Georgia, Spain, Cyprus and Lithuania. The discussions between partners revealed many social issues as common problems that impact young people and drive them to the social exclusion. Followings are the most severe problems in our countries which we identified through discussion: youth unemployment, homeless people, migration, drug and alcohol, discrimination, environmental degradation and etc. After long and structured discussion between partners a common ground was found that defined need of raising public awareness about social entrepreneurship topic as a tool to fight against social problems, more specifically on youth unemployment and this way support social inclusion of young people. Nowadays, there are many good examples of how social enterprises successfully deal with the social problems. This is why partners decided to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship by building the capacity of female and male youngsters and youth workers from four countries so that they are better able to utilize and popularize it back to their communities. Youth Exchange “Idea Factory” During the 7 days program, was created a space for 25 young people (including people with fewer opportunities) to meet, share, and extend their current knowledge and skills and to acquire new ones with regards to the topic. During the project these objectives has been achieved: (a) to explore the concept of social entrepreneurship and promote it as a tool for social transformation. (b) to empower participants with the practical experience through organizing study visit in social enterprise and through developing relevant competencies by letting them to invent their own SE ideas. (c) to give participants a tools for multiplying competencies gained during the Youth Exchange in their local communities by spreading information brochure (d) to promote youth interactions, networks and partnerships; (e) to encourage participants for more active participation in society through inspiring and empowering them with relevant competencies and confidence. Project objectives also corresponds with the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and the specific key action. Activities are planned in the way that they meet to the main objectives of the project. For each activity non-formal and/or Informal methods will be used during the implementation of youth exchange. At the end of the project was raised participants’ awareness on SE topic and strengthened capacities to share this knowledge back to their communities. We also expect enriched experience and stronger cooperation among partner organizations, so as they will have a chance to create a network of empowered and inspired youngsters who will assist in multiplying youth exchange results back to local communities.



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