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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Directors who have leadership qualities and use resources of people and materials in a right way are needed for schools to be effective and to reach their aims. Education leadership is a process which includes seeing the future, specifying persuasive aims and visions related to schools’ fortune and prompting people to make it happen. Directors should take the lead in an effective way for schools to fulfill expectations of the society and the needs of the age. Hence, each director should get training about educational administration and leadership and carry out the training in their schools. We, as Kaman District National Education Directorate, attach great importance to this project to form effective schools and directors in our education range. As it is known, according to Regulations for the New Director Tasking of the Ministry of National Education, new headmasters were appointed instead of headmasters who had worked for many years in the same school, lost their excitement, could not adopt modern management mentality last year. A lot of headmasters and assistant principals have been changed in this period. New headmasters have been appointed according to various evaluation criteria with score average as indicated in the regulations. The headmasters have formed their team with the advantage of choosing their own assistant principals. By this way, compliance problem that is a vital matter for schools has been solved. There is only one problem to be successful: some new headmasters and assistant principals are inexperienced about management and leadership. We aim at training mobility of the new directors in our city to improve their leadership skills with the project. Aims of the project consist of newly appointed directors’ training, their leadership in their schools, their directing schools by identifying vision and mission again and to make out city more successful all around Turkey in the field of training. It is possible for directors who are our target groups to provide quality service by getting the training activities which supply contribution to their personal development. So, we are planning to improve the quality and success of our schools by training the directors in Kaman who guide education at all grades in Europe. Directors in the level of primary school, secondary school, high school and vocational high school which are the most successful and in demand in our city will take part in this project. Numbers of these directors is given below: Kaman Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School: 4 (1 Headmaster, 3 Assistant Principal) Kaman Science High School: 2 (1 Headmaster, 1 Assistant Principal) Kaman Secondary School: 3 (1 Headmaster, 2 Assistant Principal) Kaman Faik Güngör Primary School: 2 (1 Headmaster, 1 Assistant Principal) It consists of eleven people in total. With the project, among our objectives are to examine the education system in Europe of school officials (especially Finland model) in each type of school in Kaman, to adopt the concept of the democratic and participatory school management, to study about school management, to see the applications of school management in Europe and most importantly to develop management model who has leadership characteristics in schools. To this end, our each project participant managers who receive leadership training in abroad will supervise the leadership training in their schools. In addition, school administrators who get the training will become model for other administrators and they will be responsible for other schools’ administrators’ training in our district. Thus, in our country, awareness will be created in education and training. The directorship of classical training which is based on solid rules will be removed, with strategic management and leadership skills will be passed to school management, the quality of education will increase and with compliance and integration of student-teacher and parent education leader, our schools will be caught European standards.



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