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ICYC (I see You see // I City You City)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a long-term partnership project in the field of using art tools for supporting development of young people as active and responsible social citizens. It brings together youth organizations that are already experienced in using various artistic tools and approaches in their youth work activities. The organizations involved in this project have a wide range of experiences, and each of them is an expert of using a particular artistic tool in youth work. Furthermore, they are all involved in working with young people on different levels - supporting their personal development as individuals, supporting their involvement as active citizens of the society, and supporting their employability and entrepreneurship skills. All partners work with young people facing different kinds of fewer opportunities. The project provides a wide platform for cooperation between the partners, which includes not only space for sharing and exchanging the different tools, but also for practicing their implementation and even inventing new innovative approaches and techniques. Thus, main aim of this project is to improve the capacities of organizations active in the youth field through providing them with opportunities to share, explore and develop artistic approaches that can be used for increasing young people’s awareness of social issues, degree of social responsibility, their active participation and competitiveness at the labor market. In this way, the project will equip youth organizations with innovative and engaging methodologies that will enable them to reach and impact more young people from their local communities. Content wise, the project is centered on the idea of exploring social issues affecting young people in urban settlements, using various artistic tools. Young people involved in this project will try to “see” their cities using arts and then present their vision to youths from other cities. Throughout a series of mobility projects, they will try to identify similarities and differences of social phenomena and social issues in other cities involved in this partnership. In this way they will be involved in a process of intercultural learning that will provide them with insights about lifestyle of their peers in different cities. This project will combine long-term and short-term mobilities of youth workers with youth exchanges. This unique blend provides an opportunity for the organizations to provide their youth workers with a long-term training on youth work in general and on using artistic tools in working with young people, which includes both theoretical and practical parts. The participating youth workers will get trained through taking part in four training courses, each focusing on a subject and a particular artistic tool. Afterwards they will have a chance to practice those artistic tools in direct work with young people, both on a local level (through the long-term mobility activities) and on an international level (at the youth exchanges). The time period between the activities will allow both the participants and the organizations to make preparations for applying the learned methodology into practice, but also to reflect on the learning process and to deepen their knowledge before they start with practical implementation. The activities are planned in a chronological order that comprises a long-term learning process lasting for 24 months. The strategic partnership project applied under the same name will provide the tools for supporting the learning process. That project foresees development of an online based learning platform, which will be functional throughout the whole 24 months and will serve as a platform for exchanging and exploring the artistic tools covered by this project, as well as for sharing and disseminating the project results. The project will involve two different target groups: youth workers and young people. The youth workers who will be involved in this project will be ones working with young people either professionally or as volunteers. The organizations are also planning to involve individuals who are still not working as youth workers, but who are distinguished youth leaders and who have both the potential and the interest to start working in this field. This project will be a great starting point for them, particularly in the field of using arts in working with young people. The project activities will also involve young people from the target group that the organizations work with. The young participants will vary in experience, skills and personal background. Large number of them will be facing various fewer opportunities. In total, the project will include around 100 youth workers and 60 young people. In addition, more than 120 young people will be involved in the activities implemented as part of the long-term mobilities of youth workers. In total, about 30% of all participants will be facing some kind of fewer opportunities.



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