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ICT use in classroom
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

There is an expressed intention in the County of Møre and Romsdal, Norway that students should have the opportunity to take part in international exchanges. At our school we do have an international class, with a goal that the students through three years at school should increase their capacity within, not only language-learning, but also their intercultural competence. This project is meant to bring positive and long-lasting effects on the persons invlolved in the project, both within the use of ICT in the classroom, as well as cultural awareness and increasing the students language capacity. The project will be mainly about comparing the ICT use among students in the two partner's countries, and will cover different subjects like how is ICT used pedagogically in the classroom, ICT as a learning material, presentation tool and netiquette, but we will as well look into ICT used politically, as a tool to make friends/virtual friends, blogging and how ICT is used in working life. We want to be a more modern school with a professional environment by integrating good practices and new methods into daily activities. Also we want to give a more attractive eduation through the use of ICT. Internationalism and globalisation is common today, both in private and in public business, and ICT is widely used all over the world in different ways, both for communication accross boarders and within the company itself. We want our students to increase their capacity, not only within ICT, but also in language learning and their intercultural competence. The best way to increase the students' capacity in intercultural learning is to let them live with a family in a host country, with a culture different to their own. They will be challenged in different ways, but we will prepare them in advance with a course in intercultural learning. Hopefully all the students will experience growth and improve their skills in dealing with people from another culture, with other values and attitudes than temselves. This competence will again be valuable for our students in their future job, as well as for their future employers, having in mind that we are more and more internationalized and globalized, and search jobs across boarders.



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