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ICT in Classrooms
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the rapidly changing World, education technologies and their methods have been adapted so as to keep up with the time, and thus it has become inevitable to synchronise it the student profile. Technological developments, especially those which have eminently advanced over the past decade, have targeted to educate individuals qualified for the necessities of the time, and this entailed many education methods utilised in the educational institutions to be replaced with the current methods. Adapazarı Private ENKA Middle School has a philosophy which follows its immediate and far-off environment and adapts advancements in its programme with great ambitious. Educational Technologies and different teaching methods are always kept in the agenda of our school, and a gradual transition to a new education model which utilise tablets has been accomplished in 2013-2014 school year in all of the courses. While implementation instances in the new educational technology of tablet environment which are practised in domestic platforms are possible to follow, it is also considered important to observe the applications utilised in international environment. For this purpose, our school has cooperated with another school in the Europe which utilise tablets, and decided to send 6 teachers, taking charge in different branches in the school such as science-maths, foreign language, information Technologies, applied sciences, to the host school in Spain for 5 work days so as to observe on-the-job-trainings. Prior to the implementation of the project, creativeness of the participating teachers in the implementation of the technology, their ambition for using foreign language, their desire to take part in international activities will be taken into account. Our teachers will carry out the activities in 2 different groups and in different periods, and will have the opportunity to closely observe, by experience, technological practises relevant to their fields , course training methods, cooperation among colleges, and different school environment. Further, observing the IBO philosophy and undertaking the responsibility of being a citizen of the World, this experience will have great importance in the way of utilising their foreign language and keep on communication with their colleagues after the Project. The outcomes of this Project will be delivered to the students of the institution, to the parents and to all of the training staffs through the activities which will be performed before and after the Project. Owing to the implementation of this Project, teacher’s ability level to use technology and their language skills will be improved. By means of this improvement, after the activities, the teachers will benefit from their gains in the international projects they will implement. In addition, the observations acquired from this experience will be published in the web, school newspaper, parent bulletins and iPad applications. A presentation by the teacher is planned to be made to the students so as to describe their experience. Our students shall preserve our constancy in international projects and shall be eager to take responsibility in future projects relying on the emphasis which our teachers give to their professional developments in order to improve our school and its training program. In the long term, our students will be on the lookout for a suitable opportunity to take part in the similar projects for their academic-social developments in high school and university life, thanks to the awareness of different cultures and implementations and thanks to their international conscious.



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