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iChange for Future
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth exchange “iChange for Future” will bring together 40 female and male participants from Erasmus+ the programme (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia) and partner countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine) to provide them capacity building (aged 16-28) that they are better able take initiatives that address their communities’ environmental needs. The nine days project will be implemented in Agros, Cyprus from 5 to 13 November, 2016 and it will involve gender balanced participants who face social, economic, geographical and cultural obstacles. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change emphasizes the negative impact of human activities on climate change, which decreases the availability of nutritious food and clean water, and destroys ecosystems and secure living environments. This leads to malnutrition, ill health and migration, rendering youth particularly vulnerable. Further, youth constitute the majority of the population in many countries and empowering them with environmental awareness to address Climate Change issue is essential for transforming our societies towards climate resilient future. That is why partner organizations decided to build the capacity of youngsters to be able to address their communities environmental needs. For this reason they agreed to build knowledge of project participants on Climate Change science and to empower them with the competences to address community environmental needs through campaign; Also to encourage participants to further use a social media and youth portals to promote eco-friendly lifestyle and to promote youth interactions, networking and partnerships.The working methods during the project will be based on informal and nonformal learning to enable participants to exchange their experiences and approaches and reflect upon them as well as to improve their daily habits to came closer to everyday issues of more eco- friendly living.By exchanging their own experiences on this youth exchange, participants will get first-hand practice in intercultural learning. We believe that this project will be an effective way to achieve understanding for the cultural diversity in Europe. From sharing personal cultural backgrounds to sustainable living culture. The impact however will not be limited to the Intercultural learning process only but also it will provide basic knowledge for recycling, by creating products from nature material that is free to make and can be placed on the market. One of the outcomes of the YE will be list of recommendations for volunteer green projects. The recommendations will be designed in form of check list for environmental protection and sustainable living that youth workers should take into consideration when organizing projects in future. All the groups will live together during 8 days sharing all activities and daily shores together. The methodology will vary from watching movies, debates, rol-playing and creative activities. Of course there will be included presentaions and workshops to get to know each others culture a little bit better.Increasingly, in their own ways, people all across the world are finding reasons to act against climate change. While there was in the past a tendancy for us to think of climate change as a hypothetical ‘future’ problem, it is now right in front of us. Climate change is already being felt in every region of the world. More and more people are realising; the time to act is now!To ensure long-term impact of the project, besides learning about climate change, eco-friendly lifestyle, campaigning and etc. participants will use Video Campaigning as a tool to reach wider audience and bring project results to the attention of different stakeholders.



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