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Ich mach mit und Du ? - Zukünftiges Europäisches Roma Jugend Netzwerk
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Let's join - Young-Roma-Network in Europe" is a trilateral youth exchange-programme in Germany for 60 participants from Germany, Serbi, Montenegro and Macedonia with the aim of strengthening the cooperation by means of political education and raising awareness on the issue of discrimination / antiziganism and participation in society. With this project we want to develop the Roma Youth Network in Europe, exchanging on the current situation of Roma in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Germany. Young people should engage actively against discrimination and especially antiziganism. The young people affected by discrimination should be encouraged to stand up for their rights and take action. Youth exchanges are a suitable mean to arise empathy for the people affected by discrimination, bridging cultural divides. Background of this project is on the one hand the targeted networking and cooperation of the regional actions of the participating partners. On the other hand, the current socio-political situation of minorities in the former states of Yugoslavia and in Germany is a reason for dealing with discrimination. Following the approach of intercultural learning experience, young people can experience different cultural, social, linguistic backgrounds during the time of exchange. The focus is on European Roma history and current problems and opportunities for participation of Roma in Europe - especially for young people. In this youth exchange the participants will be given the opportunity to make an experience that strengthens them in dealing with the everyday experiences of poverty and marginalization (empowerment). We also expect a strengthening of the networking concept and sustainable awareness. The results of this meeting will be presented in the four countries (film-clips, theater-piece) as examples for a lively exchange. Follow-up-meetings in all countries give the opportunity to present the experiences for a national audience. Existing European networks like UNITED can be used, too, as a platform for Roma-Youth-networking.



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