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ICC "Innovation - Connection - Collegiality"
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In its 60 years of existence, "Orce Nikolov" High School is secondary state school which is leader of high quality teaching standards and innovative and progressive ideas in educational procesess. More then 90% of our students are continuing their education in universities in the country or in other European countries. They are active citizens and creators of the scientific, political, economical and cultural life and development of our country. The school has more than 1200 students (age 14-18) and 70 teachers. The experience from the participation in this project and the future needs for its realization are the basics of the project. The "Innovation - Connection - Collegiality" project is of great value for further development of the "Orce Nikolov" High School. The project focuses on: -improving English and French language skills of teachers; -using modern methodologies suitable for developing new teaching methods and techniques; -increase teachers proficiency in using technology in the classroom (e-learning platforms); -increase capacity to cooperate on international level; - establishing and developing teachers network within participants -developing project management skills -improve competences linked to the interaction and generation of new ideas for activities and to critically evaluate their results. There are 12 teachers who passed through school selection process and fulfilled selection criteria All of the teachers within this project are highly motivated and responsible persons with Our expectations from the realization of this project are improving the methods of working and increasing the involvement and interest of the teachers and students for bilingual multicultural learning. This will have greater impact in the local community, because we will share and spread the ideas and knowledge in our work with other partner schools. With implementation and realization of our expected goals, we strongly believe that the interest of our current and future students in international cooperation will increase. The evaluation phase consists of presenting the written report from teachers visits and participation in the project; supervision of the implementation of the previously planned activities within the Erasmus + programme; (dissemination, presentation, open classes, presentation of the good practices in local community and other partners).; evaluating the outcome of these implementations in order to develop more modern lesson plans and improving of the students achievements due to this activities of the teachers which means benefit for the school in whole; developing further projects with new experiences, strengths and ideas; developing established contacts with schools from different countries.