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i will be there for you 2016
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of EVS is to challenge young people to work during their voluntary service on their personal, social and spiritual development, as well as their development with regard to society and the world.In De Glind the main theme is learning about children with social handicaps and disorders of different degrees.[i.e. autism, adhd etc] The main component is a 12 months during voluntary service, working with these children and experience that they can contribute to the development of young people in need as well as taking an active role in life and work of the village. The service will take place in Jeugddorp de Glind, located in the village De Glind. The method used is to coöperate with professionals in youthcare and live among the inhabitants of Jeugddorp de Glind, taking part of their social life. In addition, the volunteers are challenged to think and reflect about their own context and the way they behave and act.We offer trainings for all the volunteers taking part in the voluntary year in order to better equip them for the year. For these trainings we use the 4 Dimensions of life: -God/Sprituality - Myself - Society - The otherThe result of this training will be that the volunteers reflect on themselfs and the relationship with others and develop capacities that they can use in their work and social life.A langauge course will also be offered to all volunteers in order that they can better intergrate in their projects and Dutch society by being equipted with the basics of the Dutch language. the volunteers will have each week 2 times 1,5 hour dutch lessons during all the twelve month. In the end the volunteers will be equipped with a Youthpass. The project will be finished with an evaluation.This project is applied for by the CO Rock Solid Foundation for international youthwork for HO De Glind of the Rudolph foundation. it will be an EVS placement for 4 volunteers from 3 different countries for a periode of 1 year. this time it will be Germany, Ukraine and.........What we appreciate about the EVS volunteers is that they can work with a specific client group fulltime and for a longer period. In this way the clients, the volunteers and the staff can really get to know each other, and build a strong relationship. We know from experience that working with foreign volunteers is challenging because of the language barrier & cultural differences. Nevertheless, we believe that it is important for everyone involved (our clients, the staff and the volunteers themselves) to broaden their view of the world, to stimulate them to be more open and tolerant towards different cultures and to learn from each other.Next to that the volunteers can do together with other volunteers and local youngsters many activities in Lunteren, a small village where all of them will be hosted. The impact on the volunteers always is big, and because of that the impact on their surroundings, in their home town but also in the hosting village. They are visable, doing local activities and will be mentioned in articles in the media. It is a life changing experience for sure. We expect the impact of this project to be very big again, especially because the Netherlands are considered as being very evoluated in the field of working with mentally disabled people, so the impact on the volunteers and their homes will be big because they will come back after one year sharing all these new ideas and competences.



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