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I was here!
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014,

I was here! Is a short term group EVS. In March 2014 eight youngsters from the Netherlands will go to Adrasan, Turkey. All youngsters are (potential) school drop outs. In Adrasan they will do voluntary work for the local community. Theme of this short term group EVS is sustainable environmental awareness. During 2 weeks the activities are focussed on littering, recycling, repairing local buildings. Also they will visit the local school where they will teach English and give information/ do activities about recycling. To make the EVS a life learning experience youngsters will set their personal goals before going on the EVS. Before, during and after the experience they will be guided by professional coaches. Aim is to bring youngsters back to school and get motivated again to finish their education.



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