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i-Travel - Service Platform for the Connected Traveller (iTravel)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2008, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2009 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“i-Travel” is an original concept that combines three key innovations. The goal of the overall i-Travel IP is to develop, validate and demonstrate an innovative solution for:- (1) a personalised, context-aware online “virtual travel assistant” service for travellers, both before and throughout their journey, based on (2) the integration of e-commerce and internet technologies to create the first “e-marketplace” in the traffic and travel information services sector, through which (3) creation of a wide-ranging community of information and service suppliers who through i-Travel can expand their customer base while fulfilling travellers’ needs. The specific objectives of this i-Travel Phase 1 project are as follows: - Describe a “snapshot” of existing travel and transport services, technologies and stakeholders (WP1) - Identify main traveller scenarios, use cases of i-Travel service platform, and requirements (WP2) - Describe main stakeholder operational and business processes and needed cooperation (WP3) - Evaluate technological and architectural options for the i-Travel service platform to enable delivery, by a wide range of means such as nomadic devices, of context-aware services (WP4) - Create organisational models and business tools for the i-Travel supplier community, and begin acquisition of first community members (WP5) - Make feasibility and risk assessment, and Phase 2 development roadmap (WP6) - Identify scenarios and strategies for i-Travel demonstrations in major European & developing-country cities (WP7).


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