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I Run 4 Peace
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

To commemorate centenary of Gallipoli Campaign, a peace marathon “I Run 4 Peace” will be performed in Gallipoli Peninsula. Our project is a youth exchange which will be performing with this organization. Our aims are; • Positively change youngster’s point of view about peace • Increase awareness of volunteering, importance of volunteering and understand necessities of volunteering. • Intercultural learning and working side by side with youngsters from different cultures. • Learn about world and Europe history, • Increase self-conscious of youngsters, • Increase interest on sport activities, 4 youngsters and 1 youth leader will join the project. Our partner countries are Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Greece, Romania and Turkey. Total number of participants is 30. Participants are youngsters between 18 and 25. Immigrant and disable youngsters will participate the project. Activities of the project are; knowing each other, presentation of project, presentation of local peace celebrations, support marathon expo, support marathon, visiting Troy Ancient Site, support marathon award ceremony, Peace Tree workshops, presentation of Erasmus+, future planning, project application workshop, evolution, press conference and farewell night. Non formal education methods will be used during activities. Expected impacts and consequences are; increase historical knowledge of youngsters, learning about volunteering, increase awareness of the importance of peace, increase interest to sport activities, improve understanding of European Citizenship and intercultural learning between youngsters.



5 Participants partenaires