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I.N-T.I.M.E. (Institutional Needs-Training, Innovation, Mobility, Energy)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project I.N-T.I.M.E.(Institutional Needs,Training,Innovation,Mobility,Energy) will be developed between 01.09.2014 and 31.08.2015.It supposes the formation of 15 teachers from "Ion Mincu" Technological High School Vaslui to meet the needs of the institution on reducing school dropout by increasing motivation in learning and integrating modern technologies in the educational process. Taking part in the training courses, the teachers will acquire and develop competences: regarding early school leaving, the use of teaching methods for students with fewer opportunities/special needs to meet the challenges and changes,to understand the learning needs , to understand the benefits of modern methods of working with trainees , to support activities using student-centered methods preparating him/her for lifelong learning,to integrate ICT in teaching and create/use e-learning resources.The teachers will gain a positive and lasting attitude towards life in school, will review and solidify their professional profile, be aware of cultural differences and improve their communication skills in general. The objectives of the project are: -skills development in European context of a number of 8 teachers to motivate the student in the learning process,in a12 month- time; -skills development in European context of a number of 7 teachers to integrate technology in learning, in a12 month-time. Participants in the courses "Current Issues in Education-Early School Leaving '(5 participants/2 flows) and" Enhancing Students'Motivation Through Inquiry-Based Learning "(3/1 flow) will be teachers of any discipline, motivated in continuing training, for whom the following needs were identified:to gain practical experience,methods and techniques to support students with different problems to prevent school dropout,to develop communication skills with students with difficulties and their parents in solving conflicts,to use methods and techniques designed to determine the students'active involvement in their own development, to create a proper atmosphere for learning, stimulating students to learn through discovery and cooperation,to master techniques to increase intrinsic motivation by linking learning outcomes to real life, to improve the overall performance of the institution. Participants in the courses "Using E-Learning in the classroom"(2/1flow),"Empowerment in ICT Skills-Making Use of Technology Tools" (2/1 flow),"TEL-Technology Enhanced Learning"(2/1 flow) will be teachers of any discipline and English for the course "Teaching English Through ICT is Fun"(1/1flow),regardless of status,motivated in ongoing learning,for whom were identified the needs:to gain practical ideas to integrate technology into lessons,create and use e-learning platforms,to diversify the computing resources used in lessons,to use software and websites specific to taught subject,to acquire skills to use attractive tools for students, to implement computer-assisted learning and use ways of motivating through ICT,CALL,MALL during English classes. The main activities of the project I.N-T.I.M.E. will be preparation,training,evaluation,monitoring and dissemination. In the preparatory phase, all project partners will be actively involved to ensure the project development in best conditions.The training activity will be ensured by providers with experience and expertise in European space and in the areas relevant to the project from UK,The Czech Republic,France,Malta.The training will be in 7 flows15 teachers of different subjects.The project evaluation and monitoring will be conducted during and after the project,to ensure applicability of the acquired skills,improving the quality of services provided by the school.Dissemination will be at different levels (institutional,local,regional, national and international) in various ways:formal and non-formal discussions,lessons demonstrations,press articles,interviews,conferences,platforms and sites. For proper management of the project there will be constituted working teams with specific tasks and responsibilities(management team,selection team,preparatory team,evaluation and monitoring team). The impact will be on the participants, the institution, the students and on the local community.The participants will acquire skills to motivate students, to engage them actively in their own development,to learn ways of integrating ICT in the teaching methods, to create electronic lessons/their own platform,to use e-learning platforms.By sharing their experience they will acquire best practice examples,will valorize cultural diversity, pluralism and the European dimension.The Institution will strengthen its European dimension,develop human resources,improve results of its activity by increasing motivation in learning and competence development of teachers and students.To valorize the skills and outcomes of the application in class, there will be developed a methodological guide and an e-learning platform will be created.



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