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I'm Important Because I'm Myself
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "I'm Important Because I'm Myself". ... If, as an adult, you could say: did not let mock me, did not let me mock others and I did not tolerate bullying - we would have a whole different society. Project‘s demand: teenagers and young people with fewer opportunities often face bullying, thefore, they experience social, economic, geographical, psychological difficulties. The project aims to help these young people to develop and to improve their self-esteem, to help find the inner strength and to realize that each of them is important, special and distinctive, and that each has a personality. The project is working to increase young people's self-esteem, teach them inner strength, strength of character, self, as personal development. The goal of the project - to raise young people's awareness, visibility in the field of bullying, to encourage them to actively participate in addressing this critical problem, while involving the public. Participants: non-profit organizations from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and Finland. Participating 16-18 years old youngsters from disadvantaged families that suffering social, economic, geographical or psychological difficulties. Each group has 10 participants. All together, there are 60 participants in the project. The project will be implemented in 10-day youth exchange in Lithuania. Activities: discussing the issue of bullying, searching for solutions, participants‘ self-esteem building, increasing self-confidence – those are the purposes for which we implement the project and organize the activities. Activities are planned in such a way that, by participating in them, the participants would develop competencies through experiences, learn to discuss, to talk, to name their emotions. Methods used - team building tasks, discussions, command and individual tasks, the Forum Theater, role play, reflections. Project‘s management: communicating with partners through email, Facebook and Skype, discussing and providing the role for each partner in the project, its responsibilities, division of tasks. This information and other organizational matters enumerating in the protocol and sending to all partners. Signing the mandarte between the organizer and the partner. Planned results: participants will improve communication, social competence, english language skills; will develop self-esteem; will gain courage and inner strength; will get acquainted with the ways of self-expression to help them vent negative emotions; will learn to assess their own and other opportunities by working in a team. Effects and benefits: during the project is created an educational film about the prevention of bullying which is designed for pupils, teachers, parents, media professionals, and for those adults, from whose attention, love and respect will depend on what assistance they will give to children, teenagers, young people to show your partiallity and to what extent they engage in problem. We will seek that project woud have the long-term impact on both the regional and international level: in order to reduce the extent of bullying, in order to reduce abused students in those schools, where the participants of the project will distribute the training film. We plan to pass information to as many schools, youth centers, the number of communities both in Lithuania and in other participating partners‘ countries.



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