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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our organization is a public secondary school in the town of Oichalia in Trikala prefecture. Our school's development plan was to improve the abilities and skills of the teaching staff. We participated in the Activity : CLIL IN DUBLIN: CONTENT AND LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING. In the training activity designed there were four teachers of various depatrments involved. It was held in the Institute of Public Administration of Dublin(Ireland)and it was a 7-day Training Programme. Its main objective was to improve the skills of our staff in the use of the CLIL Method in the process of education and learning . Description of training content This programme was designed for Primary and Secondary Teachers who would be involved in tasks and topics relevant to the CLIL classroom by using environment, folklore, sports, art, society, etc. More specifically, this method combined the teaching of Language with the Content of various subjects(such as History, Arts, Geography etc)and vice versa. It was an effective way of developing communication skills in English so as to create a framework for planning CLIL lessons and develop teaching materials relevant to our students’ interests. Participants were also encouraged tο share their experience and ideas with colleagues from a variety of schools in Europe. Objectives The main goal of the course was to create as many communicative situations as possible and as result the participants -improved their communication skills in English for their classroom while implementing a CLIL approach; -explored the potential of an inquiry-based project-work approach to CLIL through practical ideas for classroom management and lesson planning ; -exchanged ideas and teaching materials with teachers from schools in a number of European countries; -found a meeting point for future participation in European school partnerships and projects. Assessment had been carried out prior to the course by means of analysis of participants’ interests. During the course, oral and written reports were completed to enhance participants’ learning.Partnerships with other schools have already developped.



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