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I can.. I can't.. I go! Rev.2 (PNPV2)

The project I can..I can't..I go!Rev.2(PNPV2) aimed at introducing and fostering the entrepreneurial mindsets among youths, encouraging the cooperation between VET system,business world and research institutions.PNPV2 partnership has developed a training model for the implementation of the entrepreneurial key competences in VET system. This model was based on the adaptation, methodological and technological, of the results of two projects “I can.I cannot.I go!” and “Young Entrepreneur”.The project products subjects of transfer action were:•a Self-evaluation IT tool called “I can . I cannot . I go!” targeted to support guidance paths for an informed and aware entrepreneurial choice. •a training e-learning methodology and training modules aimed to enhance entrepreneurial knowledge and competences.The partnership was made up of 7 organizations, coming from 4 EU countries: Italy, Finland, Slovenia and Spain.The main target group has been the vocational and technical secondary schools but the PNPV2 model has been also tested with young people with an entrepreneurial idea.The model, according to the WBL guideline, provided an educational path alternating:•classroom activities centered on the use of a serious game, focusing on the development of soft skills for an "entrepreneurial mindset”•online learning activities, allowing students to explore the business concepts presented during the classroom activities.The students have been engaged in an educational path having the opportunity to examine in depth the entrepreneurial concepts introduced during the classroom lessons by supplied to access to educational resources through a learning management system. In order to create a path with incremental difficulty, the number and complexity of the entrepreneurial concepts and the activities linked game increase during the learning process. The online activities are carried out by using a platform for e-learning through which students can access the course materials and in-depth classroom activities have been based on the use of a Serious Game, PNPVillage, whose objective is to manage all aspects of a tourist resort. Students worked in groups to stimulate collaborative and cooperative learning, moreover each group competed in a single simulated market to stimulate competitiveness.The experimentation of the model has involved more than 200 students aged between 17 - 20 years old in a trial that has provided more than 2,000 hours of classroom activities.



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