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I am the last fish - keep me alive
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our activities were held on the Black Sea coast city of Varna from 23 to 29 September 2015. with the participation of 7 countries (Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Macedonia and Bulgaria) and 42 participants aged 13-30 years. Our training has raised an awareness to protect the aquatic ecosystem and overall conservation and sustainable development of the environment. Implemented activities entitled to discuss decisions and recommendations, supported cooperation and solidarity, helped for development in the field of sense of tolerance and intercultural dialogue. Within this project we examined the impact of conservation and sustainable development of the environment on the aquatic ecosystem. We searched answers to the questions: What can we do to protect the aquatic ecosystem of the Black Sea? How this specific topic of the project can be inplemented in Europe and the world? Through this project participants and also local people gained awareness of environmental protection and its components. Moreover, cultural interaction helped them feel like part of the community, improving the understanding of different cultures strengthened cooperation and solidarity. Within the above mentioned topic - protection of the environment in which we live and transmission and future generations, we tried to create awareness for the protection and conservation of the aquatic ecosystem and the existing problems. Active participation in this project helped the participants to do studies and research on the topic "Conservation and sustainable development of the environment", to gain specific knowledge for the conservation of the aquatic ecosystem and helped them to create related topic discussions and demonstrate conciliation and constructive attitude. Participants had the opportunity to be informed of activities and studies related to the topic and taking place in other countries, and by passing on their knowledge to educate each other. In addition, the participants found the opportunity to see the aquatic ecosystem closely. All project activities were planned in a way enabling participants to freely express their opinions in a democratic environment. The participants got the opportunity to demonstrate behavior consistent with the democratic structure of Europe. During the project activities, participants learned about different cultures and get rid of prejudices, also they learn the tolerance of differences. Project activities helped the cooperation and solidarity of the participants and created the basis for their development.



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