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I am skilled-I am employed
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project ‘I am skilled-I am employed is” is a multilateral youth exchange involving 37 youngsters from Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, France, Slovakia and CZ. The exchange will take place in the city of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria between 30th of may till 06th of june 2016. The profile of the participants is specific-young people who are not employed or/and have difficulties finding job, who has no or very little volunteer experience, who lack soft skills, who are facing geographical and/ or economical obstacles. The main themes tackled by the project are youth unemployment, volunteering, soft skills, entrepreneurship. The draft proposal`s context comes from the need to provide new approaches to young people as a way to develop their skills to deal with youth unemployment. The Youth exchange will fokus on new alternatives for acquiring soft skills and develop social skills in practice, that youth can apply later in finding work trough alternative methods-volunteering and and entrepreneurial. The current draft proposal aims to introduce participants and local youth with these problems, but also propose alternatives to solve the issue of youth unemployment, mostly by volunteering as method for acquiring skills and additional qualifications that enhance the competitiveness of the youth on the labour market. The program is totally based on non-formal methodology approach- Simulations, group works, individual and group reflections, indoor and outdoor exercises, team buildings, energizers, ice-breakers, role play, etc. There wil be a flasmob organized to promote the project among the local community. The outomes of the project will be a video and a newspaper that both will be spread among young people from different countries trough meetings and social media. The expected results from the project are-raised awareness of the participants about the issue of youth unemployed as well as raised self-esteem to combat the issue; broaden perspective of the participants via providing them with alternative tools to fight youth unemployment; underline the importance of volunteering for getting important soft skils and other knowledge; improve participant`s soft skills; stimulate the participants` sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, promote youth active participation and volunteering, inform the young people about the opportunities for youth mobility that Erasmus+ provide for young people. As far for follow up activities there are local meetings planned to be held in each organization after finishing the exchange.



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