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Date du début: 4 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 3 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project “I am READY” was a youth exchange that was implemented in Murter, Croatia in the period from 14 - 23 May 2016. The project gathered 42 participants, young unemployed people from 6 countries who had motivation and were interested in development of creative skills as a door to their future employment. Youngsters from Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria used their full creative potential and took part in creative workshops about Latin dancing, art, jewelry making and photography workshops. Throughout all project activities personal development of new leaders was promoted and the project provided space for participants to become more confident and self knowledgeable. Participants had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the area of how to create a good CV, how to write a good motivation letter, how to act on a job interview; listen to successful stories on how to start a small start-up business from a talent, and what is needed to succeed. Our target groups were youngsters who have finished high school or were in their last year of studding at university. This target group is very vulnerable with very high % of unemployment and there is a need of opportunities that will allow them to learn how to face the labour market. The project was designed to fit their needs and this was a chance for the participants to get ready to face the labour market. During the educative workshops participants learned how to create a competitive CV, how to write the right motivation letter, how to act and what to do on a job interview, they have experience a real job interview that allowed them firsthand experience to get ready. They shared information on where to search for jobs and what means to be a job seeker. Through the project participants were empowered with numerous skills (communication, presentations, research, team skills, social and creative skills) and as well got the motivation to think more about how they can start their own business from a talent and how they can create their own job opportunity by simply exploring their full creative potential. Successful stories on how talents/interests/hobbies/crafts can turn into a job opportunity and a small start up business were shared through TEDx talks. During the project participants listened to successful stories on how from a talent you might have and practice as a hobby you can make a business and employment for yourself. Our professional team motivated participants to use their full creative potential during the creative workshops in an area where they have interest and talents and encouraged participants to find the motivation to start their own business in this creative areas of dancing, art, jewellery making and photography. The project addressed all these topics issue and allowed youngsters to learn how they can succeed in the area they have a talent in. Activities implemented during the project and methods used during them (role play, simulation, case studies, non-formal education) motivated leadership and management behaviors. On the last day participants organized a local fair and tested if you can make money from a talent – local stands for handmade jewelry, photo exhibition and art exhibition were organized. The dance team opened the fair with dance choreography, a combination of Latin and standard dances and some attractive hip-hop moves. The choreography was shown several times during the day and attracted many youngsters from Murter to join the fair. Local people took part in the fair, learned about Erasmus+, learned about the activities implemented and as well bought some of the things created as results and supported the fair. The local fair was a successful fair – it showed participants a positive example of how a talent can be turned into business and at the same time it showed local community how international cooperation between youngsters coming from different cultural backgrounds can lead to a positive result that will impact a larger audience. The money earned during the event was donated to a local school library in form of books. As final result from the project ensuring sustainability, e-booklet was developed targeting young unemployed people from Europe and giving opportunity to learn more about the topics addressed by the project. The booklet gives overview of topics such as employability skills, CV and how to develop it, cover letter, job interview tips and hints etc. The filmed material was published in form of two videos, one promoting the exchange and the topics addressed and one promoting dance (and in general talent) as a way to find your place (job opportunity) in the society. Through these results long term benefit is ensured. The project as well promoted European diversity through promoting different cultures and mutual understanding, tolerance, respect between participants coming from different social, political, religious, background.



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