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Hybrid separation techologies

What is required is the introduction of devices and systems, which are friendlier to the environment (membrane technology), in the line of separation processes between the chemical and petrol industries. These systems, better known as hybrid systems, are widely applied in Europe, US and Japan. Greece and Bulgaria have similar industrial units in the symmetrical cross-border zone, but follow conventional technology which: a) pollutes and b) wastes energy (energy consuming industries). In this proposal, pilot hybrid systems whose operation is checked by the system of data collection through GPRS will be installed. The development of an integrated plan of actions, the promotion of the relevant information material as well as the establishment of the first information centres will make a decisive contribution to the modernisation of the aforesaid industrial processes and will help protect the environment, as well as significantly improve the quality of life in the cross-border region. The cooperation between the two institutions, being Neofit Rilski and Kavala TEI is taking place in order to transfer technology and innovation and integrate new technologies in the production line.