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Hungarian Product and Cultural Fund (ESRA)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2011,

Through the eSRA-Product and Cultural Fund the marginalised Roma and other impoverished communities receive access to basic products to sustain livelyhood through contribution of national product producers and product sponsors. After a talent search, Roma performers giving benefit concerts organised by the national Product and Cultural Fund. Local NPC Funds will provide them the opportunity to participate in the sharing of social responsibility, sense of productivity, basic compensation and platform for their professional carrier development. Having the performing groups on stage with non-Roma national celebrities will help to fight cultural and social exclusion of the Roma community. With the association of the NPC Fund, that fights against poverty, the Roma will also be able to identify and become an active part of the solution to further their social and economical inclusion into society. eSRA holds networking fairs where opportunity is provided for NGOs to showcase their projects and activity to corporate sponsors.