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Hungarian-Croatian Hydrographic Atlas of common section of Mura river (HAMURA)
Date du début: 31 mai 2013, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is a continuation of years of close co-operation in water management and environment protection between the two countries’ water management authorities. Within the frame of this project the joint elaboration of the Mura Hydrographic Atlas is planned. The project will support the preparatory activities and the data collection, as well as the processing of data and the elaboration of a joint GIS database needed for the creation of the Atlas. The database will include all the relevant hydro-geographic data of the River Mura, recording the present situation, but it will also be updated regularly with the most relevant data. The data will be available to both Croatian and Hungarian authorities and will serve as a basis for new joint initiatives and projects. Achievements: Aiming at capacitating local actors in various sectors for the new development initiatives expected to be supported within the perspective of new EU funds opening up soon for joint Hungarian-Croatian projects, the partners organised a series of sectoral and territorial workshops in order to share ideas and generate new joint projects for future programmes. During the joint work materials were developed to serve for knowledge transfer to all levels of public life, and a number of new project ideas were proposed.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Croatia (HU-HR)
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