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HUMOR ME! – The smallest distance
Date du début: 3 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 2 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

HUMOR ME! - The smallest distance, is a project that aims to give value to "humour" as part of learning approaches, and as part of concrete methods in Youth work in inter- and multicultural spaces. Not just to promote good-mood, also to increase the use of humour as a way to support personal development of people, as a way to help the creation of connections since "The smallest distance in between two persons is a smile".We believe in humor not just as a tool, also as a way to face different situations, as an attitude towards life.We want to promote high-quality youth work by understanding better the challenges of intercultural youth work from the aspect of different „humour languages”, and by developing concrete methods and a helping network to answer this challenges; understanding humor as an important base of the approach in Youth Work.The 14 month long project will be implemented in four countries - Hungary, Italy, Romania & Spain - by the following organisations: Birs OTI Hungary, Muovimente, New Horizons Foundation & PARKERI.We will involve 8 participants in transnational project team meetings and in the local coordination of project., 20 participants in the international Youth Workers seminar and around 200 participants (EVS mentors, Youth Workers and volunteers) in local workshops and activities.Humor ME! - The smallest distance, aims to be the beginning of something innovative, at least in the local and regional reality of the partners of the project. The project is based in this steps:03.11-03.02.2017. research and preparation in the partner countries about humor, and previous use of humor.15.12-18.12.2016. 1th transnational project meeting in Spain01.02.-31.5.2017. research between EVS volunteers, mentors and youth workers about intercultural humour experiences.10.06.-13.06.2017. 2th transnational project meeting in Hungary20.07.-27.07.2017 international youth work seminar about humour in youth work in Spain02.07.-10.11.2017. local activities, implementation of the developed methods in previous phases.12.11-16.11.2017. 3th transnational project meeting/evaluation in ItalyExpected results of the project are:- E-book, about the use of Humor not just as a tool, also a an approach in learning spaces, and as a life attitude.- Web Page, “humorme” that will show the different results of the project and that will have an internal part for EVS mentors.- One facebook site, to keep sharing and spreading “Humor-me” in short and long term- founded base for an international humour network, of youth workers and youth trainersHumor ME - The smallest distance, is a project, a topic, a planning that "move" the team that is planning it, it's a project in which we believe, a project that for us is also a way to keep learning, discovering, and improving the work we are doing in different organizations in the youth field in Europe… and also a way to focus attention in the importance of humor as a life attitude.



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