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"Humanware - be successful"
Date du début: 5 août 2015, Date de fin: 4 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project proposal "Humanware - be successful" aims to develop in young people ability and communication skills in a working environment to enhance the professional skills and to build them as competitive individuals in the labor market. With the implementation of the project, young people will learn about teamwork, analysis, rules for communicating in business environment, presentation and communication skills in a multicultural environment. This project is implemented by the partner organizations "Partnering for present and future" from Bulgaria, "Asociación Mundus" from Spain, "JUDO CLUB Baník Ostrava" from the Czech Republic and "Jugendwerk der AWO Wuerttemberg" from Germany. Sixty young people aged between 15-30 years will participate in mobility for twelve days which will be held in Smolyan from 10/09/2015 to 21/09/2015. The main activities that will contribute to the development of young people are: exploring role plays, group discussions, studies, simulations, training, practical activities, cultural presentations, sessions for assessment and analysis. The specific goals that we set for implementation are: - Improving the skills to interact with others; - Master the key to professional success communication skills, smoothing conflicts, to understand the emotions, to support teamwork, presentation of ideas and views in an appropriate and attractive way. - Increasing presentation skills - Strategies for successful presentation, properly structuring of speech and nonverbal communication- key element in communication; - Familiarization with the business ethic and behavior in society will be a big plus for young people for their quick professional and social adaptability in the future. - Development of key competencies for professional development; The goals will be implemented through the use of methods relating to the collection, exchange and analysis of information and training and acquisition of practical skills for improving the professional competence of the participants. Through the implementation of these informal methods for working with young people, the project participants will be able to share their views and experiences on the subject, which will help to spread the impact of the project and will be a prerequisite for future cooperation between youth and partner organizations for realization of subsequent joint projects.



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