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"Humanity versus egoism -refugees in Europe"
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Humanity versus egoism -refugees in Europe" is a project with young people from Finland, Germany, Spain, Poland and the UK. The project will be held between 18.-27.03.2016 at the Europahaus in Aurich. The aim of our project is to make young people sensible towards refugee issues in Europe. We hope to work towards tolerance and acceptance.In view of so many refugees who are looking for a new home country Europe has to face a huge challenge. Obviously the instruments the EU has to it's disposal are not suitable to solve the problems in a human but efficient way at the same time. Essential agreements of the EU like Dublin III or the "Schengen-Agreement" are not completly transferred any more. National egoisms and pretended or objective domestic political necessities are getting stronger and stronger while common objektives and main principles begin to totter . The EU-Commision seems not to be really capable of acting - she does not appear as a player currently .Keeping this in mind we want to set a sign in our network. we want to pay more attention to the core values of Europe. Human Rights are impartible - even for refugees! we want to strenghten a "Culture of Welcome". We want to to sensitise for the matters of refugees and about their situation. We want to antagonise egoisms on the level of society but also on individual level and to enforce the European policy "Unity in Variety". We want to show especially to young people that strangers and unknown not have to be seen as inconvenient or even as a harassment but as enriching and as a challenge. We want to encourage people not to duck down but being active and to be in opposition to small mind and xenophobia.



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