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Humanity first! How to teach tolerance and reduce prejudices shown by students with special needs
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In European societies can be observed an increase of nationalistic positions. In several states right-wing populist parties had success in elections. In Germany there are movements like islam critic Pegida. Also in other european countries mistrust against citizen of islamic faith can be found. Everyday work at special education schools has shown, that also students with special needs can have prejudices against members of cultural, ethnic or religious minorities. Some of these prejudices are took over from their social surroundings. Because of their learning difficulties these students are mostly not able to recognize xenophobic or excluding positions or statements or to reflect those in a critical way. Because of this, students are more receptive to take over these or even extremist positions and might even get involved in xenophobic acts. In addition to this there is the problem, that these students often don´t know how to deal with certain situations in a proper way and might have a higher willingness to solve supposed problems with the use of physical violence. Also there is an increased danger for them to be instrumentalized or exploited by groups or parties which support these kind of positions. At last there is also the danger for them to get involved in criminal actions. Existing concepts created to be the used at schools dealing with subjects as "prejudices", "exclusion" and "tolerance" have been developed for regular schools, therefore the adaption for the use at special education schools only is partly possible. Reasons for this problem are the heterogeneity of the learning groups as well as their need of highly structured lessons and the use of methods which enable them to actively deal with the topics of lesson. During the project "Humanity first!" there will be weekly learning groups at both partner schools, especially for students who have shown by their behaviour or statements that they do need to work on this special subjects. Teachers of both partner schools will create, test, evaluate and optimize a teaching conception by the exchange of experiences made during the whole process. The final conception is developed for the use especially for students with special needs and it shall empower the special education teachers in many special education schools to teach this subject in an appropriate way. One of the two main aims of the conception is the possibility to deal with existing prejudices which are already shown by the students and give them the opportunity to get rid of those prejudices. The other main aim of the conception is to be used in a preventive way by improving the students ability to reflect statements and positions, which include excluding, intolerant and racist contents. Further the students shall be enabled to build up an opinion on their own, that is based on tolerance. This is also meant to be a preventive measure against the danger for our students to be instrumentalized by others as well as against the danger of becoming radicalized and maybe getting involved in criminal acts. To ensure that the results of the project as well as the teaching conception will be known and used by other schools and institutions than just the partner schools, the teaching conception will be described in detail in a reader. This reader and all created teaching materials as well as developed teaching methods will be made accessible to the public by offering them to be downloaded from the school homepages as well as on eTwinning and other educational internet pages. The distribution of the conception as well as its sustainable impact shall be guaranteed by the fact that the conception can be used at every school for special needs. Due to the facts, that the group of students



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