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Human Rights Cafe
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Human Rights Cafe ” is a space for volunteers and young people to become active global and European citizens by transforming issues of local and global importance to concrete action and change-making.For 4 months in Helsingør, Denmark, two young volunteers from Hungary and the Czech Republic will do volunteer work in order to gain work experience in the fields of youth work, active citizenship and non formal education, environment and climate change, event making, facilitation and conducting workshops on human rights, global citizenship, intercultural communication and lifelong learning while they enhance their personal and professional development and empowerment, giving them abilities in areas that will make them well-prepared for their future lives and enhancing their employability.The aim of the project is enable young people to raise their awareness of current pressing issues of intercultural coexistence, environment and climate change, human rights, lifelong learning, active youth participation, respect for diversity, the use of non formal education and project management. The project will make members of the local community feel more integrated and eager to cooperate in terms of local volunteering and active participation thereby enhancing synergies on a local level. Young people, the participants of cultural workshops and activities, will be more aware of cultural differences, human rights and environmental issues, laying the foundation for their future as active European citizens who will have the potential to impact society locally and globally.By selecting two young young people with a diverse range of cultural, educational and professional backgrounds, we hope and trust that this will help the youth enhance the project objectives while the project at the same time will promote Erasmus+ (especially EVS) program among Danish and international EVS youth and beyond.



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