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Human Rights: a shared perspective
Date du début: 2 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Title Human rights: a shared perspective. Summary Having has central theme the Human Rights education, we want to develop a training course about this matter, taking into consideration the experience and reality in the different participating countries. Our main goals are to improve skills and competences in the youths and youth workers, in order to allow them to work in their local context, to think about the role of the European organizations in the implementation of human rights, and to share ideas and good practices. In this training course we’ll invite some local youths from foreign communities, like Africans studying in the University of Évora, to enrich the debate and to allow them to meet different perspectives, diverse opinions and points of view about Human Rights, together with development of knowledge and competences. Objectives Stimulate human rights education. Share good practices. Expose and compare different country situation. Debate/discussion about the central matter. Promote cultural exchange. Develop competences in the youths. Non-formal education approach. Duration 12 months. Training course in Évora, Portugal 09 to 15 of May 2016. Participants - Youth leaders (no age limit). - Youths (volunteers, etc.) - Local participants.



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