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Human Resource Management for Sustainable Employment
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since one of three main priorities of EU Strategy 2020 is forcing high-employment economy delivering social and territorial cohesion, the HRM4SE seeks to emphasize that all citizens should be equipped with knowledge and skills needed in professional life to face challenges on national and international labor markets through the lifecycle.The module HRM4SE is vocational training summer school. It is focusing on delivering to wide target audience the main issues of modern European theoretical and practical approaches in HRM, their adaptation and usage in Russian HRM practice, particularly in Republic of Mordovia and Volga Region. The project aims to cover interests of HR managers of companies and SMEs, employers and employees, HEI's curricula administratives, educators, graduates, students, representatives of civil employment services and trade unions, and also all those who are interested in obtaining competences and skills in HRM. Teaching module includes 7 lectures followed by 7 practical seminars, which reveal the modern theory and practice of HRM, in particular questions on strategies of HRM, investment in human capital, organizational culture, personnel-marketing, corporate social responsibility, training and retraining. Also the project includes 2 round tables devoted to European HRM experience and on regional aspects of interaction among the labor market participants for increasing the sustainability of employment. Thus, the project is based on creating the cross-sectoral studies for representatives of different professional groups, adults and youth. The HRM4SE teaching module will be implemented into the curricula of vocational education on Faculty of Economics (OMSU). 120 people will be taught in 3 years.The teaching materials will be published in hard copies and on OMSU e-learning platform with free access. The information about the HRM4SE vocational training and link to e-platform will be widely spread via webs of big number OMSU’s partners.