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Hovorme viac - participácia mládeže a medzirezortná spolupráca
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ZIPCeM as a coordinator of SD in Slovakia want to respond via project "Let's talk more" to the actual needs identified in the implementation of activities in the framework of Structured dialogue in Slovakia and recommendations from EU level also. Actual needs represent a notable lack of cross resort cooperation. The main aim of the project is therefore to create a system which will promote through its activities the cooperation and establishment of working conditions for targeted groups -representatives from particular resorts, youth, experts from other institutions and organizations - to meet and discuss. The main activities will be online consultation (questionnaire), offline consultation (discussion sessions) and specialised final seminar where the project activities will be evaluated and ways of implementation of particular measures will be suggested as well as subsequent monitoring activities. An equally important part of the project is the establishment of transparent and comprehensible communication tool which will complexly inform about current action in the area of Slovak and Europe youth policy, especially about the realization of particular objectives of Slovak Youth Strategy for the years 2014 - 2020 across various resorts. ZIPCeM as a project coordinator will address to the cooperation representatives from different resorts and experts from organizations dealing with topic for current period. The cross resort group for Structured Dialogue in Slovakia will be established, with ZIPCeM as the coordinating body as well as the realizer of all project´s activities. The project wants to connect all levels of youth policy - local, national and European. Outcomes - recommendations - will effectively complement the national SD project and will be presented at relevant places and events in Slovakia and the EU level. We intend to join project´s activities with activities that are already planned by trio countries (Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia) for their upcoming presidency of EU which starts on January 2016. Three main topics of trio presidency respond to the project activites: health and wellbeing of youth, education and youth employment, promoting of potential of young people. By this project we expect to establish a tradition of cross resort cooperation based on active communication of all involved members. That means, in the case of youth work, to actively invite young people to decision-making processes and that can result in solving of complex problem which often exceed powers and abilities of youth workers.