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Hotelarze i restauratorzy - zawody przyszłości. Dobre praktyki greckich i hiszpańskich hotelarzy i restauratorów szansą na rozwój branży
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project activities will consist of 2-week of job practices in Greece and Spain directed to students of ZSP nr 2 im KK Baczyńskiego in DąbrowaTarnowska and ZS im. E.Godlewskiego in Piotrkowice Małe who study there professions of nourishment technician and hotel technician. The main aim of those practices is to gain experience, develompment of key job competences as well as soft skills and gaining a better start position on job market after finishing school education. The participants will work on various positions related to their education plan in the school - at the reception desk, room service, restaurats/bar or kitchen. We will send abroad total of 56 participants and 8 curators who will be there to support our trainees. The activities will be divided into 4 stages - each will consist of 2-week practices for a group of 14 youngsters and 2 curators. Each group will consist of different participants. The project will last 2 years, we plan to organize the practices in the following periods: 16-30.09.2015 - Greece and 01.10.-15.10.2015 - Spain) and 7-21.05.2016 - Greece i 21.05.-04.06.2016 - Spain. Depending on the country the hosting organizations will be: ESMOVIA Sistema Practices s.l. (Spain) or YYGR (Greece). Both institutions have a broad experience in organizing job practices, previously have work in the frames of Leonardo da Vinci projects, they have sufficient organizational capabilities, contacts on local labour market - which will ensure the realization of all activities on the highest standard - concerning organization and logistics as well as essentials. Our trainees will receive an opportunity to work in the most prestigious touristic resorts in the high-season, where the tourist traffic is increased and the demand for seasonal worker who know English rises. During the training the students will have an opportunity to get to know with good practices of work organization at the reception desk, room service, restaurant and kitchen. The work schedule (attached to the application) consists of various types of activities so we can divide the group of trainees into smaller teams responsible for doing the job corresponding with their learning programme in Poland. The key competences they will learn, will help the students in their everyday work in hotels and restaurants in Poland where they have their everyday practical training, as well as later on when they will be looking for a job. They will be able to present much more skills and knowledge to the potential employers increasing the chance of employment. Moreover if they decide to look for a job abroad they will already have an experience of working in a foreign country as well as they will have widely recognized documents certyfying their work competences. Apart from concrete work competences - the trainig will surely foster individual development of young people. Thanks to spending those 2 weeks abroad, they will become more independent, doing their everyday duties will encourage them to present more responsible attitudes, they will become more self-aware oth their worth, will start to believe more in themselves. They wil have a possibility to compare their education and skills to their peers in other countries, realize that they are not so much different and help them to get rid of complexes. The important factor will be development of social skills by working in an international environment. They will develop their language skills (English + Spanish or Greek as well as non-verbal communication methods. During the language courses we will provide we will focus on teaching a job-related vocabulary which will be surely an invaluable asset to the young people. After the project we have planned varius ways of dissemination of results involving trainees. They will prepare press articles - for the school newspaper as well as for local press. They will prepare a presentation for local students from their school and other nearby schools as well as other small events directed to students, teachers, local organizations, institutions and employers from touristic sector.



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