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Hosteleros hacia Europa 2016
Date du début: 1 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Escuela de Hostelería Álvaro Cunqueiro" (Galicia/Spain) fosters this project with the goal of offering a first work experience in an EU country to its recent graduates. The European mobility is a great opportunity for young people that have just finished their studies and are about to look for a job. The mobility can provide them with technical and organisational skills as well as language and intercultural competences. The projects is aimed at 20 recent graduates with the following profiles: • Cooking• Basic operations of cooking, including bakery • Basic operations for bars and restaurants• Bar and coffee services• Reception, events, communication and marketing• Basic operations for room servicesThe host countries are Malta, Italy, United Kingdom and Portugal and the length of each work placement are 2 months. The project will take place from December 2016 until November 2018 with a length of 24 months.The objectives and expected results of the project are as follows:• Improving professional skills and competences in the catering and tourist industry, having as a result a higher employability and improved career prospects• Improving language skills, having as a result a greater ability to understand and communicate with foreign customers• Increasing motivation to take part in future education or training, having as a result an increase in the number of participants that decide to continue their studies/training or more motivation to do it in the near future• Developing transversal and intercultural competences as well as an European awareness, having as a result a greater intercultural and European understanding • Fostering entrepreneurial spirit, having as a result an increase in the number of participants that become self-employed• Enhancing mobility, having as a result more interest in working/studying in an EU country at present or in the near futureThe mobility expects to have impacts on:• Labour market, by reducing the unemployment of participants when they return• Mobility, by increasing their participation in another European programme• Qualification, by increasing the number of participants who decide to take part in education/training after the mobility and improving language skills• Values, by enhancing their intercultural and European awarenessTo sum up, the project aims at getting young Galician students from the catering and tourist sector an opportunity to work in international companies, which will improve their career prospects. The mobility drives the European values and enhances intercultural awareness and, furthermore, strengthen the Galician economic and social fabric due to the transfer of innovation and good practices.

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