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Host-microbe interactions in health and disease. Interface with the immune system (HOMIN)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"HOMIN is designed as an advanced education and research program meant to train junior investigators possessing medical and/or scientific educational backgrounds to become future leading scientists in academic institutions, private companies, or administration.The HOMIN objectives are:1. To provide multidisciplinary and intersectorial scientific education through the study of host-microbe interactions, particularly focusing on immune responses and vaccine development. To this end, HOMIN will provide: Cutting-edge scientific projects in subjects in which the HOMIN partners are international leaders. A collaborative scientific environment, allowing the young researchers to appreciate research in the academic and the private sector, and their connections at the European level. Scientific communication and networking opportunities at the European and International levels.2. To provide an exceptional nurturing environment through an outstanding academic-private sector laboratory network composed of 7 academic partners and 5 companies of different sizes and activities, including 3 SME. The private sector is represented as full partner and associated partner, contributing significantly to training at all the possible levels, from research supervision, to teaching and training organisation. In this environment, young researchers will be aware of biomedical research and its potential industrial applications for human disease prevention and treatment.3. To endow with an array of complementary training on scientific, as well as transferable skills, aimed at developing the young researchers’ creativity, curiosity, adaptability, auto-evaluation capacity, feeling for innovation and discovery application, capacities for team work, for preparing a proposal and for communicating on science to different audiences. HOMIN’s goal is to promote the development of the conscious identity of young scientists preparing them for a broad professional spectrum and to strengthen the ERA."



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